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void caca_clear ( void   ) 

Clear the screen.

This function clears the screen using a black background.

Definition at line 565 of file graphics.c.

References CACA_COLOR_BLACK, CACA_COLOR_LIGHTGRAY, caca_get_bg_color(), caca_get_fg_color(), caca_putstr(), and caca_set_color().

    enum caca_color oldfg = caca_get_fg_color();
    enum caca_color oldbg = caca_get_bg_color();
    int y = _caca_height;


    /* We could use SLsmg_cls() etc., but drawing empty lines is much faster */
        caca_putstr(0, y, _caca_empty_line);

    caca_set_color(oldfg, oldbg);

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