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Basic functions

Detailed Description

These functions provide the basic libcaca routines for library initialisation, system information retrieval and configuration.


void caca_end (void)
 Uninitialise libcaca.
enum caca_feature caca_get_feature (enum caca_feature)
 Get the current value of a feature.
char const * caca_get_feature_name (enum caca_feature)
 Translate a feature value into the feature's name.
unsigned int caca_get_height (void)
 Get the screen height.
unsigned int caca_get_rendertime (void)
 Get the average rendering time.
unsigned int caca_get_width (void)
 Get the screen width.
unsigned int caca_get_window_height (void)
 Get the window height.
unsigned int caca_get_window_width (void)
 Get the window width.
int caca_init (void)
 Initialise libcaca.
void caca_refresh (void)
 Flush pending changes and redraw the screen.
void caca_set_delay (unsigned int)
 Set the refresh delay.
void caca_set_feature (enum caca_feature)
 Set a feature.
int caca_set_window_title (char const *)
 Set the window title.

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