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src Directory Reference


file  bitmap.c [code]
 Bitmap blitting.
file  box.c [code]
 Simple box drawing.
file  caca.c [code]
 Main libcaca functions.
file  caca.h [code]
 The libcaca public header.
file  caca_internals.h [code]
 The libcaca private header.
file  conic.c [code]
 Ellipse and circle drawing.
file  event.c [code]
file  graphics.c [code]
 Character drawing.
file  line.c [code]
 Line drawing.
file  math.c [code]
file  sprite.c [code]
 Sprite loading and blitting.
file  time.c [code]
 Timer routines.
file  triangle.c [code]
 Triangle drawing.

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