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enum caca_event

User events.

Event types returned by caca_get_event().

CACA_EVENT_KEY_PRESS  A key was pressed.
CACA_EVENT_KEY_RELEASE  A key was released.
CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_PRESS  A mouse button was pressed.
CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_RELEASE  A mouse button was released.
CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_MOTION  The mouse was moved.
CACA_EVENT_RESIZE  The window was resized.
CACA_EVENT_ANY  Bitmask for any event.

Definition at line 176 of file caca.h.

    CACA_EVENT_NONE =          0x00000000, /**< No event. */
    CACA_EVENT_KEY_PRESS =     0x01000000, /**< A key was pressed. */
    CACA_EVENT_KEY_RELEASE =   0x02000000, /**< A key was released. */
    CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_PRESS =   0x04000000, /**< A mouse button was pressed. */
    CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_RELEASE = 0x08000000, /**< A mouse button was released. */
    CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_MOTION =  0x10000000, /**< The mouse was moved. */
    CACA_EVENT_RESIZE =        0x20000000, /**< The window was resized. */
    CACA_EVENT_ANY =           0xff000000  /**< Bitmask for any event. */

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